The Met

The Met


Architect: WOHA Client: Pebble Bay Thailand Photographer: Tim Griffth

Unlike most towers in hot climates, which mimic the high-rise solutions of cold climates, this 66 storey residential building works with the climate, capturing the stronger breezes and cleaner air at such levels. Residents also get improved security, more privacy, less noise and dust, and great views. Yet they still get all the benefits of low-level living: gardens, open shared spaces and pools.

This green tower uses only minimal air conditioning.  Green creeper screens make living walls right up to the 66th floor to help shade the occupants and cool the building through transpiration. It takes clever architecture to pull all this off and WOHA are clever architects. The Met shows that an alternative strategy to the sleek air-conditioned box can work in the tropics and has implications everywhere.

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