Maggie's South West Wales

Maggie's South West Wales

Maggie's South West Wales

Scheme name: Maggie's South West Wales

Practice: Kisho Kurokawa Architect & Associates with Garbers & James

Client: Maggie's

Photographer: Thore Garbers

Kisho Kurokawa gifted the concept sketch for this Maggie's Centre before his death in 2007. The outcome is a special and glorious little building in many ways.

The established programme of the Maggie's Centres, the social kitchen at a pivotal location, is articulated beautifully in the plan and the architectural form. The standing seam spiralling roof prescribes the building's form so appropriately and the concrete is of remarkable quality, with embedded titanium plates that glisten in the sunlight.
This is a worthy addition to the spirit of Maggie's.

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