Portland College

Portland College, New Learning Centre

Portland College

Patel Taylor

Portland College is designed for people of all ages with varying degrees of disability. It is single storey and L-shaped in plan, on a diagonal axis that links the college quadrangle with the woodland beyond. Inside you get the impression that intelligibility and accessibility are paramount. The materials are both rich and robust, the spaces full of light.

The philosophy behind the scheme is that only the best will do for people who are underprivileged in other ways. The doors leading to the classrooms are all differing colours, enabling students and staff to find their way around independently. The angles of the raked corridors allow the doors to be positioned so each is clearly visible from the reception desk.

Although the brief for the Learning Centre at Portland College was for a building that works specifically for disabled people, it has been designed with many features which could and should be incorporated into any new building designed to meet inclusive design principles – which means of course all new buildings.


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