The Savill Building

The Savill Building

The Savill Building, front view

Glenn Howells Architects

This project is a good modern interpretation of that great British traditional form: the Pavilion in the Park. The Savill Building takes the form of a dramatic gridshell structure made from timber from renewable sources in the Crown Estate’s Windsor Park. This innovative use of traditional materials means that it harmonises well with a skyline of mature trees. Burying it partially underground also helped to make it unobtrusive. Considerable efforts have been made to make this building as sustainable as possible.

A gridshell from Glenn Howells is something of a turn-up for the books. As the firm is better known for its concrete framed buildings the decision to go for a gridshell was by no means ideological, rather it arose as the most appropriate solution to the problem of building in a sensitive parkland setting.

What he has done, bringing in the help of experts in the field Buro Happold, who worked with Frei Otto and subsequently Ted Cullinan, is to take the building form forward, adapting it to the needs of 21st century clients.


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