Wooda, North Cornwall

Wooda, North Cornwall


David Sheppard Architects

Wooda is an outstanding example of the conversion of a small group of existing outbuildings for community use. Set deep in the North Cornish countryside it epitomises the architect’s ingenuity in using two modest barns to create a versatile mini-campus capable of serving as conference space/artist’s studios/dance studio and auditorium whilst enhancing the character and feel of the original farm buildings.

The ingenious, charmingly Heath Robinson, counterweighted tiered seating, running on industrial sliding door gear, enables the auditorium to be set up in a few minutes and epitomises the architect’s approach to the problem. When not in use this disappears into the floor allowing the whole building to be used as a single volume.

The original barn doors are replaced by a generous, technically ambitious single pivoting door which successfully links the main space to the outside area when weather permits. It is the single extravagant gesture in a project built on a very tight budget which has been embraced enthusiastically by the local community it serves.


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