Castlemilk Stables

Castlemilk Stables, Glasgow

Castlemilk Stables

Elder and Cannon Architects
Copyright: Keith Hunter

This is a project with two distinct but balanced objectives. The first is to restore and, in part, reconstruct the former Castlemilk Stables that were in a state of extreme collapse and disrepair. This work has been executed with great care and craftsmanship.

The second project was the insertion of a steel and glass layer to the interior of the courtyard. This element allows circulation and ventilation to the cellular historic spaces and accommodates a larger reception area. The steel and glass insertion has a robust detailing that on the whole balances carefully with the existing historic building.

The building as a purely historic restoration would have a limited use to the local community but with its contemporary addition it is able to accommodate a surprising range of council and community functions.


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