Middlefart Savings Bank

Middlefart Savings Bank


Architect: 3XN

Client: Trekantens Ejendomsselskab A/S

Photographer: Adam Mørk

3XN have succeeded in designing a large building that achieves a striking image for the Bank, without dominating its historic context. The large sloping roof has an economical diagonal steel structure, and the 83 rooflights were prefabricated and all installed in three days - a remarkable achievement.

The office floors step down towards entrance and the Lillebaelt waters in a series of wide internal terraces. The journey up through the terraces is arranged as an attractive promenade architecturale of wide flights of steps and seats at alternate ends of the terraces. The entrance hall is large and welcoming, with some very effective kaleidoscopic mirror sculptures set below glass panels in the floor. This is a memorable piece of architecture.

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