Apex, Arc, Bury St Edmunds

The Apex and Arc

The Apex, Arc Bury St Edmunds 25H(c)Morley Von Sternberg

Architect: Hopkins Architects

Client: St Edmundsbury Borough Council

Photographer: Morley Von Sternberg

The retail-led route to the regeneration of our historic towns requires civic leadership, strong architects and the right choice of development partner. Here at Bury St Edmunds all are in evidence.

Instead of the customary trail of excuses and missed opportunities, planning restrictions, cost-cutting, procurement problems and compromises demanded by the retailers, leading to the path of least resistance and general mediocrity, here we have a new town centre that all its citizens can be proud of. It has 25,000 square metres of retail, 62 flats and a new civic auditorium which have all been delivered through a simple masterplan based around a new public square.

The building language is clear and consistent with a simple form that is highly appropriate to its setting. 

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