Bavent House

Bavent House

Bavent House, at dusk

Architect: Hudson Architects

Client: Lucy and Richard Turvill

Photographer: James Brittain

The success of Grand Designs has spawned a new generation of would-be housebuilders who are prepared to fight the planners to create their dream homes in idyllic rural settings. Meanwhile some architects have become interested in a contemporary vernacular that is respectful of a rural tradition yet expressive in its ideas about making a home. This new tradition, without any hint of pastiche, can be proudly passed on to future generations.

This home is part of the local vernacular, being a mix of timber and metal cladding expressed through a series of pitched forms that could easily have been modified over time.

There is an intelligence to this house that is less to do with the 'grand' and much more to do with the 'design'. 

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