UK Centre for Carnival Arts

UK Centre for Carnival Arts

UK Centre for Carnival Arts, at night

Architect: Ash Sakula Architects

Client: UK Centre for Carnival Arts

Photographer: Paul Riddle

The Centre for Carnival Arts is a bold attempt to recreate the sense of an arts community that has developed in an ad-hoc way over a period of time. The site planning is simple and straightforward, being conceived as a group of buildings focused around a yard. It is the antithesis of the Arts Centre. 

Each building has a different character in both form and expression and, while there is some consistency in the use of materials, there is a clever mismatch in how these are expressed, creating a feeling of using what was to hand.

This loose-fit detailing allows the spaces to be inhabited in a relaxed yet creative way that is entirely appropriate to the spirit of Carnival.

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