Newton and Arkwright Building, Nottingham Trent

Newton and Arkwright Buildings

Newton and Arkwright Buildings, Nottingham Trent University, street view

Architect: Hopkins Architects Partnership

Client: Nottingham Trent University

Photographer: Martine Hamilton Knight

The project involves the skilful renovation of two existing historic buildings to create a contemporary university facility. Entry to the ground floor is controlled from four axial points which leads to a toplit central space between the two buildings making a complex series of spaces easily understandable and accessible. The quality of light offers a pleasant environment for multi-functional break out spaces, relaxation and work areas appropriate to the learning environment. Glazed internal partitions create a sense of interest and transparency of the classroom environment.

The transition between new and old is seamless. The restoration work aimed to re-use as much of the building fabric as possible, exposing ceilings, facades and internal elevations that had been obscured for years.  

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