Chiswick House Cafe

Chiswick House Café

Chiswick House Café, exterior

Architect: Caruso St John Architects

Client: Chiswick House and Gardens Trust

Photographer: Helene Binet

White and pristine in the landscape, with a perimeter arcade and a flat roofline, the Chiswick House Café is a worthy addition to William Kent's grade 1 landscape. For a modest building this pavilion has great scale, stature, solidity and permanence.

The external colonnade is formed of tall, load-supporting columns made of beautiful white Portland stone with the texture of travertine. But it is not symmetrical in plan, rather it is L shaped, the perimeter arcade is angled almost imperceptibly and the columns openings and windows to the interior are not aligned, meaning that internally the building feels more enclosed. These adaptations to the geometry are carried out with an assured hand.  It has captured the classical essence of the Palladian villa but in a completely new way.

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