Hackney Service Centre

Hackney Service Centre

Hackney Service Centre, the atrium

Architect: Hopkins Architects Partnership

Client: London Borough of Hackney

Photographer: Paul Tyagi

This significant project brings together, literally under one roof, the services of London Borough of Hackney. The architectural proposition is disarmingly straightforward. A U-shaped stacked plan of administrative space, five-storeys high, opens on to a huge, barrel-vaulted, glazed atrium. Each of the office floor plates is predominantly open plan with side wings that contain support spaces, informal meeting and break-out areas, and tea points.

The ground floor of the atrium houses the one-stop shop, the interface between the public and its civil servants. The staff can see the public and importantly the public can see the staff; this is a building that is based on the idea of visibility and accessibility. The entire building is drenched in daylight, the antithesis of a closed defensive civic headquarters.

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