Kilburn Grange Park Adventure Playcentre

Kilburn Grange Park Adventure Playcentre

Kilburn Grange Park Adventure Playcentre, exterior

Architect: erect architecture

Client: London Borough of Camden

Photographer: David Grandorge

In an increasingly risk-adverse culture, what distinguishes this project is its ambition to challenge and rethink the health and safety preconceptions that surround children's playgrounds, most obviously characterised by the ubiquitous use of 'bouncy tarmac'. Instead of approaching the project from a standpoint of risk aversion, architect and client  have adopted one of risk benefit, whereby the learning benefits to children during supervised play of encountering reasonable degrees of risk, including fire and water, outweigh the potential dangers.

The whimsical playcentre is a timber structure which in many ways resembles a big piece of playground furniture. This imaginative thinking has produced a visually, physically and educationally stimulating series of play structures that are characterised by their extensive use of reclaimed and recycled materials.

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