Michael Faraday Community School

Michael Faraday School

Michael Faraday School, exterior

Architect: Archial

Client: London Borough of Southwark, Children’s Services

Photographer: Morley Von Sternberg

The school's cheerful demeanour is a natural counter-reaction to context - the bleak slabs of the Aylesbury estate - but it poses two questions: does the building have substance as well as show, and does the child-friendly form alienate adult learners? In fact behind the various plays of colour and form, a well planned and serious building is present. 

The main building is a drum, with adult learning occupying a two-storey segment on the street. Children enter on the opposite side into two storeys of classrooms in a horseshoe arrangement around a central atrium. This arrangement makes for a vibrant and interactive school environment. The drum is topped by a sophisticated roof form composed of a deep gluelam grid with pitched roof lights and acoustic baffles.

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