Ravensbourne College

Ravensbourne College, exterior

Architect: Foreign Office Architects

Client: Ravensbourne in Partnership with Meridian Delta

Photographer: Benedict Luxmoore

The new building is in giddy proximity to the Dome/O2/North Greenwich Arena, which sets up an unavoidable clash of scale and geometry. The relatively standard programme could have produced a building that could not converse let alone compete with its neighbour. FOA's design blurs the internal arrangements behind a homogenous facade, much as the Dome does, but in a very different, very confident and curiously complementary way. It juxtaposes a plane of white fabric with a plane of tessellated panels, which somehow takes away all conventional understanding of solid, void and scale.

Internally a split level section is separated by the atria and reconnected by bridges and floor trays. The voids sporadically connect but bottom-out at different levels, informing a clear hierarchy and creating real spatial drama.

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