St. Patricks School Library and Music Room.

St Patrick's School Library and Music Room

St Patrick's School Library and Music Room, interior

Architect: Coffey Architects

Client: St. Patrick’s Primary School

Photographer: Tim Soar 

'Less is More' would seem to sum up this tiny yet delightful and ingenious school extension providing a library, music room and store room. The building has a simplicity that comes from a straightforward plan and the prevailing expression of just two self-finish materials.

The space is lined on three sides by bookshelves at ground level and the storage display of musical instruments on the first floor mezzanine. The central volume created by this arrangement is open and flexible to allow for both musical practise/performance and also as a group reading area - in fact whatever the school requires.

However, this simple arrangement is literally given a third dimension by the openable glass wall which, with a freestanding external canopy, creates an informal proscenium for play.

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