Town Hall Hotel & Apartments

Town Hall and Apartments

Town Hall and Apartments, exterior

Architect: Rare Architecture

Client: Mastelle (Zinc House)

Photographer: Sue Barr

This is a project of great luxury and invention. The old Bethnal Green Town Hall has been ravishingly transformed into a mix of hotel, serviced apartments, conference spaces, bar and restaurant. There is another worldliness to the whole ensemble; different genres and elements drift past one another in a kind of architectural reverie. The historic marble, timber-lined and plaster interiors have been joined by a host of bespoke elements from entire bedroom and bathroom assemblies that appear like spectre white modernist stage sets that have somehow slipped into an Edwardian theatre.

Externally, two hugely dissimilar architectural languages - that of the existing and that of the new in the shape of the prismatic perforated wrapping of the new roof and back court - seem perfectly at ease with one another.

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