Architect: sixteen*(makers)

Client: The Kielder Partnership

Photographer: Bob Sheil

This piece, whose name refers to its grid reference, takes a worthy place among the architectural and art treasures of Kielder Forest, several of which have already won RIBA Awards. It was designed as a collaboration between sixteen*(makers) of The Bartlett UCL and manufacturers Stahlbogen GmbH.

The shelter can be seen in tantalising glimpses from afar but its full impact is not revealed until the traveller arrives at the site through the maze of paths.

Manufactured from thick folded steel, and exploiting the integration of digital design and fabrication techniques as well as traditions of hand-made design and making, this bold red mysterious piece is an enigmatic resting point at the tip of a spit of land jutting into the lake. It picks up on the relationships between the verticality of the trees and the horizontality of the water. The smooth bright coloured inorganic nature of the steel makes an easy contrast with the organic mature woodland that surrounds it.

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