Knop Law Primary School

Knop Law Primary School


Architect: ADP

Client: David Hoskins Aura & Pauline Dutton (Headteacher)

Photographer: Andrew Hepinstall

Knop Law may well turn out to represent an important moment in time, marking a return to core values of how children are nurtured and taught in intuitive and ambitious surroundings.

An atmosphere of ease and yet formality permeates all the activities of the school, engendered at least in part by the architecture; the aspiration of decency and inquisitive thought in the design will surely find its way into the minds of the users of this delightful place.

Expression of use has been distilled to an honest few elements. A blade of division between wings is vertical white render; a zone of classroom is a horizontal plane of glass, clear balustrade or metal cladding. A narrative of colour is also mark to differentiate zones of use.

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