Pasmore Apollo Pavilion

Pasmore Apollo Pavilion


Architect: Burns Architects

Client: Durham City Council

Photographer: Burns Architects

The Pasmore Apollo Pavilion, originally built as part of the Peterlee’s social housing development, is a not so much an important one-off piece but more a gathering of bold architectural ideas manifested in the delightful sculptural form of reinforced concrete.

The extensive academic and methodical restoration has been undertaken with a great deal of precision and care. The pavilion rests at the top end of a flowing curved pond and it bridges from one side to the other revealing a series of open and semi-enclosed spaces from which to enjoy views across the park. It’s this combination of opening the piece up again for people to enjoy and the restoration of the whole sculpted landscape that allows Apollo to be re-embraced by its surroundings and by visitors.  

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