Charles Carter Building

Charles Carter Building

Sir Charles Carter Building 1 (c)Hufton+Crow

Architect: John McAslan + Partners

Client: Lancaster University

Photographer: Hufton Crow

This is a simple architecture that cleverly combines a colonnade, giant orders, deep recesses and flush seamless detail. Externally the single minded pursuit of the possibilities of contemporary brick technology is complemented internally by exposing the concrete frame. These two materials give the building a sense of grandeur and permanence that is all too rare in educational buildings of today. The use of natural light and ventilation and a generous atrium ensures that this building not only has personality but is robust, flexible and enjoyable.

The building's simple form, material clarity and environmental strategy of thermal mass, natural ventilation and daylight sets a new marker for the University in terms of both making a place, providing space and going easy on the planet.

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