Heating Infrastructure Project

Heating Infrastructure Project

Heating Infrastructure Project 2 (c)Eddie Jacobs

Architect: Levitt Bernstein

Client: University of Liverpool

Photographer: Eddie Jacobs

This building continues the noble architectural tradition of boiler houses as urban monument: sitting neatly on its site its glazed gable ends reveal glimpses of the power that hums within.

The delightfully compact building has an articulated roof form that cleverly makes reference to the architecture of its listed neighbours whilst concealing the chillers. This urban-scale play of geometry is complemented by an elegantly conceived and executed fish-scale skin that articulates the otherwise blank facades and provides cross ventilation.

Importantly this project is more than a clever architectural enclosure. The energy generated within provides much of the needs of Liverpool University’s Estate. This project is a very complete tale of making new, repairing old and conserving resources.

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