Dover Esplanade

Dover Esplanade

Dover Esplanade (c) Robbie Polley

Architect: Tonkin Liu

Client: Kent County Council; Sea Change/DCMS/CABE; Dover Harbour Board; Dover District Council

Photographer: Robbie Polley

The Dover seafront has been transformed by artworks that take the form of three waves gently washing up against the sheltered beach.

The Lifting Wave is a repeating form of curving white concrete ramps and staircases that rise and fall to connect the Esplanade to the lower shingle beach.

The Resting Wave; a second sculptural white concrete wall made up of a series of moulded curves. The recesses house oak benches, the promontories raised lawns.

The third line is the lighting wave. The lighting columns rise and fall like froth on the bubbling crest of a wave. These deceptively effortless interventions lend this shore line path a true sense of place and of fun.

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