House in Epsom

House in Epsom

House Epsom (c) Lyndon Douglas

Architect: Eldridge SmerinClient: Ian and Lelyana HarrisPhotographer: Lyndon Douglas

Externally, this house in Epsom is a modern and uncompromising work of contemporary architecture, but the imposing geometry gives way to a surprising and delightful homely, warm and welcoming interior. The concept is strong, incorporating equilateral triangles throughout the plan; the house is angled at 60 degrees to the pool wing, the columns are triangular in section, so are the garden planters in plan.

There are wonderful echoes of Frank Lloyd Wright's work within this design. The house also features environmentally sustainable aspects, including seven 80 metre deep boreholes for ground source heating, solar thermal water heating panels, concrete as a thermal heat store and windows that open.

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