New Mission Hall

New Mission Hall


Architect: Adam Richards Architects

Client: Nicholas Taylor and Dean Wheeler

Photographer: Adam Richards

A small house on a bend in the road on the site of a sunken Baptist chapel, between a large oak and a drovers way. This is the context, with long Sussex views to the west.
Two slim offset buildings joined by an entrance and stair.

The interior of this home is a delight. Downstairs, solid and secure, cave-like black stone with niches and white brick barrel-vaulted ceilings and lots of oak cupboards.

Upstairs, airy and light, irregular oak floor boards and full height four metre windows in deep reveals - a diminutive piano nobile.

This is beautiful design on a small, difficult site, an accomplished and unique piece of architecture. This home is simultaneously complex and simple; as are all the very best things in life.

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