Sevenoaks School of Performing Arts

Sevenoaks School of Performing Arts

Sevenoaks School Performing Arts Centre2 (c) Christian Richters

Architect: Tim Ronalds Architects

Client: Sevenoaks School Foundation

Photographer: Christian Richters

This is the real thing; architecture that sings. Artfully modelled fluid spaces, crafted and detailed with care and quality. From public performance to intimate practice spaces, each is related but yet perfect to its own function.

The view upon entering the foyer takes in the two storey fall across the site as the staircase leads you down to the open glazed recital room and the Arcadian scene beyond. The concert hall is a beautiful daylit barn of a space, warm and majestic with towering Douglas fir boarded ceilings, cranked timber and steel trusses sat on solid brick walls and concrete columns. The acoustics derive from the geometry rather than by addition. The teaching block is a complete change in scale, the rooms are functional cells, daylit and finely tuned.

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