Shingle House

Shingle House

ShingleHouse (c) Charles Hosea

Architect: NORD Architecture

Client: Living Architecture

Photographer: Charles Hosea

This house built for hire under the Living Architecture scheme lends itself to poetic descriptions. Its engagement with the unique landscape of Dungeness is seamless and it sits on the shingle desert like a sculptured piece of burnt driftwood.

The house merges the mystical with the vernacular. The blackened timber facades, the white wainscoting interior, the polished concrete hearth and then the hidden gems: the secret sliding doors, the air source heat pumps, heat recovery in the external walls, no gutters… the rain runs off into the shingle, said to be three miles deep.

It’s hard to imagine feeling like a guest here for long, as soon as you enter you get a sense of comfort and calm belonging. It is a beautiful and accomplished study in architecture.

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