Watson House

Watson House

Watson House (c) James Morris

Architect: John Pardey Architects

Client: Charles and Fiona Watson

Photographer: James Morris

The architects have overcome the reticence of planners, who insisted on this New Forest house being invisible from the public realm, in a thoroughly elegant way. Its concept is beautifully simple: a single long, linear shape with a central living space which is open to both ends.

While it pays homage to mid-century Danish examples, the architecture has been enriched with the playful humour of the quirkily placed windows. Locally grown sweet chestnut  structural panels minimise the carbon footprint and allowed for a quick build.

The building is staked to the ground by its broad brick chimney but otherwise it floats above the landscape in a delightful way. This is a poetic building which is all too rare in the English countryside.  

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