Brown's Dental Practice

Browns Dental Practice - exterior

Browns Dental Practice, exterior

Architect: David Sheppard Architects

Client: Lorna and Derek Brown

Photographer: Browns Dental Practice

This is a feast for the senses: from the overt tactility of the rough-hewn stone walling, to the scent and smooth warmth of the birch plywood that lines the interior spaces. The quality of light in the treatment rooms is particularly poetic, with frameless glass rooflights capturing dappled light as it falls through the trees.

The architect has worked hard to balance the patients' requirement for privacy with the practitioners' need for an airy light-filled workspace. The narrow slots between the planks of cedar cladding are glazed, giving patients glimpses of the outdoor world.

The delight in material and texture is a welcome contrast to the functionality and lack of care so often associated with healthcare buildings.

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