Maggie's Cheltenham

Maggie's Cheltenham

Maggies Cheltenham

Architect: MJP Architects

Client: Maggie's Centre

Photographer: Peter Durant

This project has been conceived at a micro scale - as a piece of cabinet-making rather than a building. It has been designed from the inside out and the ingenious manipulation of scale has created an intimate and domestic environment within what is actually a very social space.

The building is crafted with refinement and sensuously detailed, with edges and junctions meticulously expressed. Colour, material and light have been used to great effect, creating an environment that is robust and tactile, jewel-like and rich. The use of mirrors and visual illusions is both appropriate and refreshing.

The building unfolds to reveal internal views that are complex and multi-layered. Views out of the building have been cleverly controlled to edit a somewhat messy site.

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