West Buckland School

West Buckland School

West Buckland School, front exterior

Architect: Rundell Associates

Client: West Buckland School

Photographer: West Buckland School

Here is a work of architecture that generates aesthetic and social stimuli in support of a wider cultural agenda and demonstrates what an excellent environment for teaching art might be like.

There is a wonderful clarity achieved by this confident addition to a Victorian school. The new composition is divided into two simple linear buildings, one a studio theatre that aligns with the original buildings, the other a rigorous extrusion of workshops and studios.  A new public court at the eastern end serves as a performance area. Subtle shifts in section, utilising half levels across the sloping site, allow a glazed bridge link to connect everything back together. 

It feels like an unpretentious but supportive place in which to be creative. Michael Gove please visit.

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