Mostyn Gallery

Mostyn Gallery

Mostyn Gallery, exterior

Architect: Ellis Williams Architects

Client: Mostyn Gallery

Photographer: Helene Binet

The original Mostyn Art Gallery has an elegant brick and stone façade with a delightful linked steel and glass canopy. The extended and refurbished gallery has more than doubled the size of the original and has included a retail area to the street that became available during the design process, freeing up the plan and allowing one of the new galleries to be located on the street thus announcing the building's function.

The architects have cleverly arranged three new gallery spaces, one double-height with a series of angled rooflights.  The quality of light playing on the walls drawing out the texture of the shuttering softens its hardness.

This is a confident and refreshing addition to the art scene of Wales that doesn't overwhelm the art. 

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