Granary Wharf Scheme

Granary Wharf

Granary Wharf

Architect: Carey Jones Chapmantolcher, CZWG and Allies & Morrison

Client: ISIS Waterside Regeneration

Photographer: Hufton Crow

Carey Jones's masterplan for the under-used wharf site between the River Aire and the Leeds-Liverpool Canal envisaged a 20 storey cylindrical residential tower, which the firm delivered, as well as a hotel (by Allies and Morrison) and a residential block (by CZWG). The design code establishes a strong material palette (brick) and rigour in the application of the material (window reveals for example) across the site. 

The choice of brick is entirely appropriate to strong historical context, resulting in a series of enjoyable, subtle and elegant elevations and useable spaces. The three schemes complement each other in form and materiality, though their geometric expressions are very different. The scheme's next phase will make a direct connection to the station, thereby increasing footfall. 

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