Newhall Be

Newhall Be - exterior


Architect: Alison Brooks Architects
Client:Linden Homes Eastern
Photgrapher: Paul Riddle

Newhall Be represents a spirited departure from the normative design associated with suburban house building. The 84-house scheme is striking for its intelligent rethinking of the needs of the suburban house and how houses relate to their neighbours.

The innovation of 'terraced patio houses' enabled higher density to be accommodated on the site than otherwise. The whole is an efficient mix of new and familiar house typologies united by a strong geometric and material consistency, inspired by the sculptural roof forms and simple materials of traditional Essex barns.

On a tight budget this project delivers houses that are a joy to live in, designed with intelligence and imagination. This is a fine achievement in its own right. In the context of UK housebuilding it is truly remarkable.

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