Beveridge Mews

Beveridge Mews - exterior


Architect: Peter Barber Architects
Client: Southern Housing Group
Photographer: Morley von Sternberg 

Beveridge Mews comprises eight contemporary houses forming one side of a community garden on a 7.5 metre deep plot created by the demolition of disused garages at the rear of another Southern Housing Group block. Peter Barber's clever three dimensional solution provides access through the shared garden to shared private courtyards, giving entrance to each house, each of which has at least three areas of outdoor space. Everyone lives on the mews and can relate to their neighbours.

The client wanted large homes for multi-generational families. As a result, the houses, with between three and seven bedrooms, achieve Lifetime Home standards|. By incorporating features such as high thermal insulation, rainwater harvesting, low energy fittings and grey water recycling, the scheme also achieves Level 3 code for Sustainable Homes|.

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