Ironmonger Row Baths

Ironmonger Row Baths - exterior


Architect: Tim Ronalds Architects
Client: London Borough of Islington
Photographer: Morley von Sternberg

The original public bathhouse was built in 1931 when only 4% of households in Finsbury had a bath. A swimming pool was added 1938. Both buildings belong to an era when municipal architecture meant something.

The architects created a new basement by reconfiguring load-bearing walls, allowing the spaces to feel lighter, more transparent and welcoming. The new finishes internally use terrazzo and iroko joinery which offer a durable civic quantity in the spirit of the original buildings. Yet the feel is modern and the baths have all-new services and fittings to current standards, maximising sustainability and accessibility.

The client has commented:

‘Tim Ronalds Architects brought a multitude of skills to a complex refurbishment project, ranging from a visionary approach at the outset through to the minutiae of detail.'

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