UCH Cancer Care Centre

UCH Macmillan Cancer Centre - street view


Architect: Hopkins Architects
Client: UCH Macmillan
Photographer: Hufton + Crow

This outpatient building is the first phase of a masterplan also designed by Hopkins Architects for the UCL campus and is the first facility to treat all types of cancers. Chemotherapy treatment can be carried out in a bed or a lounge depending on the patient’s needs.

The entrance is conceived as a large lounge containing coffee shop and mini-market. Artworks are integrated into the building fabric. A central atrium helps those unfamiliar with the building to navigate efficiently. Treatment and consultation rooms are arranged logically around the atrium with one department per floor. A glass roof garden at level five provides external space for all users.

This is a well judged building; an excellent precedent for future healthcare.

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