Jesmond Gardens Primary School

Jesmond Gardens Primary School - exterior


Architect: ADP
Client: Hartlepool Borough Council
Photographer: Andrew Heptinstall

The ambition of the Headmistress to turn around a school through clever use of design merged with her own ideas about flexible pedagogy has been well interpreted and developed by ADP – with whom a good continuing relationship exists.

There is not one traditional classroom. Lessons take place in a series of open-plan circular, top-lit, spaces that are organised in paired year groups and separated only by acoustic curtains. All the spaces feel well balanced, are seamlessly integrated and every space works hard.

The layout offers good child surveillance throughout, but in such a way as to be imperceptible. Instead, the focus is on the free flow of spaces culminating in the 'Heart' - a crossroads in the plan, softly furnished, to encourage easy engagement between children and teachers.

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