MMU Business School

MMU Business School - courtyard


Architect: Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios
Client: Manchester Metropolitan University
Photographer: Hufton + Crow 

A classic three-fingered plan chopped at either end at 45˚ to make a successful relationship on entry with the adjacent building. This is a masterpiece of simple concept, fine detailing and thoughtful layout, wholly appropriate for those planning to enter the business community after graduation.

Appropriately rising from four to nine storeys towards the Mancunian Way, the building gains its presence from a dazzling mirrored and colourful façade, generated by a range of dichroic fins throwing ever-changing colours around the otherwise calm and restrained interior.

Clearly loved by the Vice Chancellor of the University, who represented the client, Feilden Clegg Bradley has created an absolute gem on the university campus, close to their soon to be completed Art and Architecture Building on the same campus.

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