Giants Causeway

Giants Causeway - walkway


Architect: heneghan peng architects
Client: The National Trust
Photographer: Marie-Louise Halpenny

This building is the result of an international competition in 2005 to create a visitors centre for the Giant’s Causeway.

The BREEAM excellent-rated scheme can be understood as two folds in the landscape: one folds up to accommodate the building and the second folds down to form the car park. Between these two folds a ramp leads towards the causeway itself, 1kilometre away. The two geometries play against one another.

It appears to be born of its place; the irregular lines of basalt columns grow and recede into the landscape to form the building edges, with the building roof a part of the landscape.

The internal space is made from a large concrete soffit with slices of roof lights and slots between the basalt allowing natural light deep into the centre.

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