Mareel, Shetland

Mareel - view of Bressay Sound


Architect: Gareth Hoskins Architects
Client: Shetland Arts
Photographer: Phatsheep Photography

Resulting from a national architectural competition, Mareel is the UK’s most northerly cinema, performance and music venue. Its design draws on the utilitarian forms of traditional industrial harbourside warehouses: large, angular and metallic. However this raw exterior aesthetic belies the warmth of the interior, which is designed to welcome and to encourage visitors to linger. Here are more references to the context with spectacular views over the harbour. Its distinctive window pattern is a marker at night.

This high quality and inclusive arts and cultural facility provides much needed performance and recording spaces. This is an inspirational venue, and together with the new museum and Council offices, with which it links, Mareel is a key catalyst to the regeneration of this waterfront edge of Shetland’s capital.

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