Chedworth Roman Villa

Chedworth Roman Villa - exterior


Chedworth Roman Villa
Architect: Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios
Client: National Trust
Photographer: John Dawson

The concept of using Roman remains as the foundations for the new 'shelter' is a bold move, but one wholeheartedly supported by the National Trust, English Hertage and Cotswold District Council's conservation officers as it avoided the need for new footings on sensitive ground. Peter Zumthor pioneered the concept and this housing is a worthy successor.

The shelter is designed so that 'archaeology remains the star of the show'. The resulting architecture is refreshingly restrained and understated, refusing to impose itself on the site. Rather, it will weather gracefully as a part of the landscape and its unearthed riches of mosaics.

Internally, hanging walkways allow the visitor to hover over precious remains and the new access has resulted in a huge increase in numbers since opening in 2011.

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