Astley Castle

Astley Castle - interior detail


Architect: Witherford Watson Mann Architects
Client: The Landmark Trust
Photographer: Helene Binet

The brief from Landmark Trust was to provide a contemporary house within the footprint of the ruins of the 12th century fortified manor destroyed by a fire in 1978.

The decision to put the bedrooms and bathrooms on the ground floor and the communal spaces above makes the experience of the house very special. The sculptural central staircase is the pivot around which the bedrooms are organised and leads to an open-plan living space with views over the ancient ruins and the moated gardens.

Perhaps most impressive spaces are 'outdoors': the ruins of the Tudor and Jacobean wings. The experience and reading of the remains is enhanced by the new interventions. The architects have developed a set of carefully considered rules and methodology for new construction against the existing structure.

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