Kingswood Academy

Kingswood Academy - exterior


Architect: Allford Hall Monaghan Morris
Client: Hull City Council and Esteem
Photographer: Rob Parish 

The new BSF school acts as a visual and intellectual beacon in the flatlands of east Yorkshire, providing learning opportunities for the whole community. Taking as its reference the confident multistorey Victorian schools that towered over their neighbourhoods, the external form is bold yet simple and the cladding is practical and sharp, reflecting light dramatically at certain moments.

Internally, the stars are the art rooms with their showcase on to the internal street, denoting the school's specialism in the visual and performing arts; the cafes and breakout places with views over the piazza; the bully deterring toilets; the adaptability of the dance space; the unusually placed first floor sports hall and the spacious laboratories under the saw-tooth roof with extraordinary views across the city.

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