RIBA Client of the Year

2009 winners

Peter Sharpe on behalf of the Kielder Partnership

Led by curator Peter Sharpe, The Kielder Partnership has a proven track record of finding little-known architects and artists and commissioning adventurous works of art and architecture, set in the unique landscape of Kielder Water and Forest Park. The recently completed Observatory by Charles Barclay Architects, is the latest in a long line which includes Softroom’s Belvedere and James Turrell’s Skyscape.
Kielder Observatory

Dr Roy Macgregor on behalf of Camden & Islington Community Solutions

Dr Roy Macgregor has championed a building where new thinking on holistic healthcare, connectivity, flexibility and transparency were harnessed and worked on collaboratively by his team. Through its fusion of health practice, architecture and art the resulting building is uplifting for both staff and patients.
Kentish Town Health Centre

Peter Millican on behalf of Parabola Land

Kings Place fulfils the personal dream of Peter Millican, ophthalmologist turned client and now arts administrator. This is a highly energy- efficient building using displacement ventilation, which brings a vibrant public environment into the heart of the building. As well as a restaurant, bar, shops and gallery there are and two concert halls good enough to offer residencies to national orchestras.

Kings Place

Rod Holmes on behalf of Grosvenor

The one billion pound Liverpool One regeneration scheme is one of the most significant in Europe. Rod Holmes, aided and succeeded by Guy Butler, has guided all aspects of the design and construction process. To engage three major architects might be deemed brave, to employ 26 is sheer but brilliantly successful madness.
Liverpool One Masterplan

Laura Lee on behalf of Maggie's

As a cancer-care nurse Laura Lee promised her patient Maggie Jencks that she would carry out her dying wish: to see cancer sufferers and their families and friends offered humane facilities in which they could learn about the illness and receive support. Six centres by the world’s leading architects are now open, with eight more planned or under construction.

Maggie's Centre, London

The Reverend Nicholas Holtam for Eric Parry Architects’

Eric Parry Architects’ design for St Martin-in-the-Fields has breathed new life into this London landmark church. It has been painstakingly delivered with great consideration and sensitivity at all levels of design from masterplan to detail, all completely endorsed and supported by an enlightened client the Vicar, the Reverend Nicholas Holtam, supported by Chief Executive Hugh Player.

St Martin in the Fields



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