Angel Building

The Angel Building

The Angel Building, exterior

Architect: Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

Client: Derwent London

Photographer: Timothy Soar

This speculative office space redefines the sector. The building is extremely well made and resolved, offering an idea of how building and working in the city might become a more dignified act.

The new building retains the original structure while infilling much of the old courtyard and adding new office and retail girth around its perimeter, thereby both unlocking the development and making it more intimate with the surrounding streets. The entry sequence, with publicly accessible cafe and lounge, sets new standards for civilised explorations of the atrium form and for the animation of a commercial ground floor.

A magnificent polished black gestural sculptural piece by McChesney Architects, 'Out of the strong came sweetness', adds drama and counterpoint to the Kahnian gravitas. 

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