Winner of the people's poll - RIBA Stirling Prize 2011

The Olympic Velodrome 2012 by Hopkins is the overwhelming favourite of the nation, according to our online people's poll. 

The Evelyn Grace Academy, London by Zaha Hadid Architects has won the prestigious £20,000 RIBA Stirling Prize 2011. The presentation took place on Saturday 1 October at Magna Science Adventure Centre in Rotherham, and will be televised on Sunday 2 October on BBC Two's The Culture Show at 5pm.

RIBA Stirling Prize 2011 public vote


The overall results:

Olympic Velodrome London 2012 by Hopkins 62.9%
An Gaelaras, Derry by O'Donnell and Tuomey 24.8%
The Angel Building, London by Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (AHMM) 4.5%
Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford by Bennetts Associates Folkwang 3.3%
Evelyn Grace Academy, London by Zaha Hadid Architects 2.8%
Museum, Essen, Germany by David Chipperfield Architects 1.7%


Some of your comments about the people's poll-winning scheme:

'Excellent interpretation of speed.'

'This project is a grand public gesture, elegantly portrayed.'

'The most striking contribution to the whole Olympic Park, particularly considering its environmental credentials.'

'It looks stunning and you can almost see cyclists racing round the roof.'

'The building flows beautifully in unison with the sport and the design and engineering achievement is exciting.'

'I like the wood cladding and the oval shape of the complex. It's more appealing to me than the rest of the other structures.'

'It is sculptural and tactile, economical in use of materials and appears to be well detailed. But ultimately in honesty it is the best of a disappointing and particularly poor shortlist.'

'Difficult decision between Velodrome and Folkwang, but I guess our prize-winning cyclists deserve a prize-winning building!!!'

'Because the roof is so innovative and lightweight, it uses only the minimal of materials. this is real architecture, this is the future not huge heavy CO2 sapping megastructures designed to look elegant but weigh 10,000's of tonnes. Good for Hopkins, he deserves to win.'

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