RGM medallists



The Royal Courts of Justice

Designer: Street, George Edmund (1824-1881)
Copyright: Joe Low/RIBA British Architectural Library Photographs Collection (1992)

1870 - Benjamin Ferrey

1871 - James Fergusson 

1872 - Baron von Schmidt, Austria

1873 - Thomas Henry Wyatt

1874 - George Edmund Street

1875 - Edmund Sharpe

1876 - Joseph Louis Duc, France

1877 - Charles Barry

1878 - Alfred Waterhouse

1879 - Marquis de Vogue, France







RGM in historical context - world events in this decade

1870 The Franco-Prussian War results in the collapse of the Second French Empire and in the formation of both the French Third Republic and the German Empire.
1871 The Royal Albert Hall in London, designed by Francis Fowke and Henry Y.D. Scott of the Royal Engineers, is opened. Now a Grade I listed building, the hall's great glass and wrought-iron domed roof is 41m high and around the outside of the hall is a mosaic frieze, depicting 'The Triumph of Arts and Sciences'.
1872 The Albert Memorial in London, designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott in the Gothic revival style, is opened, commissioned by Queen Victoria in memory of her husband Prince Albert who died in 1861.
1873 The Berlin victory column, designed by Heinrich Strack, is completed and inaugurated, commemorating the Prussian victory in the Danish-Prussian War. By the time it was inaugurated Prussia had also defeated Austria and France, giving the statue a new purpose. These later victories inspired the addition of a bronze sculpture of Victoria, designed by Friedrich Drake.
The Midland Grand Hotel in London is opened, the largest hotel in the world at the time.
1874 The Paris Opéra, designed by Charles Garnier, is completed. Built in the Neo-Baroque style, it is regarded as an architectural masterpiece of its time.
1875 The Conservative government of Benjamin Disraeli buys Egyptian ruler Ismail Pasha's share in the Suez Canal for £4 million to secure control of this strategic waterway, a channel for shipping between the UK and India.
1877 The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings is founded in London by William Morris.