RGM medallists




Designer: Bodley, George Frederick (1827-1907)
Copyright: Sir Charles A. Nicholson/RIBA British Architectural Library Drawings Collection (1889)

1890 - John Gibson

1891 - Sir Arthur Blomfield

1892 - Cesar Daly, France

1893 - Richard Morris Hunt, USA

1894 - Lord Leighton

1895 - James Brooks   

1896 - Sir Ernest George

1897 - Dr Pierre Cuypers, Netherlands

1898 - George Aitchison

1899 - George Frederick Bodley 












RGM in historical context - world events in this decade

 1892 The World Columbian Exposition is held in Chicago. It had a profound effect on architecture, the arts and American industrial optimism. Designed largely by Daniel Burnham and Frederick Law Olmsted it was the prototype of what Burnham and his colleagues thought a city should be. 
 1893 The Panic of 1893, a serious economic depression in the United States, is caused by railroad overbuilding and shaky railroad financing, setting off a series of bank failures. The Panic is the worst economic crisis to hit the nation in its history and, some argue, more so than the Great Depression of the 1930s. 
 1894 The Reichstag Building in Berlin is constructed to house the Reichstag, the first parliament of the German Empire, which it housed until 1933 when the building was severely damaged in a fire.  
  Tower Bridge in London, designed by Horace Jones and John Wolfe-Barry, is completed.  
  Blackpool Tower in England is completed and opened to the public. 
 1896 A History of Architecture by Sir Banister Fletcher is published. 
 1897 Glasgow School of Art, designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh is opened. 
  The Vienna Secession group is founded by Otto Wagner, Joseph Maria Olbrich and Josef Hoffmann, among others. 
 1899 The Second Boer War, commonly referred to as The Boer War is fought from 1899 until 1902 between the British Empire and the two independent Boer republics of the Orange Free State and the South African Republic.